My Top 5 Tools To Enhance Literacy in 4 – 8 Year Olds

Get Homework Done Quickly, Without Fuss!

Nowadays, children are very lucky when it comes to literacy learning.

Gone are the days when we only had a few select books to choose from. Now there are hundreds of educational apps available to help with everything from speech and pronunciation to spelling and grammar.

The great thing about these digital tools is they can be fully customised to suit your child’s age and learning capabilities. Kids can learn at their own pace and at a speed their comfortable with.

Why use a literacy app?

– They’re engaging, interactive and fun – no more stressful arm-twisting to get homework done!

– You can hear the pronunciation of words, not just see them written.

– Provides visual representations – photos and images are used to illustrate words and phrases.

– Learning is reinforced through interactive games – children learn through play.

– A variety of examples available to explain a specific word or topic.

– Real-time tests and activities – no more waiting for test results!

Here are my top 5 apps for literacy:

1) Monkey Word School Adventure

This wonderful app teaches children how to recognize letters and words in a fun and interactive way. The great thing about this app is it adjusts the words according to the age of the user. So 8 years old’s will get more complex words than a 4 year old. The lessons include spelling, letter recognition, sight words and how to blend consonants.

2) Speech with Milo

Designed by a leading speech-language pathologist, this app teaches children sequencing and time concepts: what comes first, next and last. There are 35 unique sequencing exercises to do, each with an entertaining story to follow. Your child will learn about storytelling and how to sequence a story using time.

3) Planet Lettra

This is a fantastic word-building app which allows your child to experiment putting words together. And the best part is they can hear what they’ve written! Not only does this help with reading fluency but also speech development, spelling and phonics. Another great feature is that it comes in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French.

4) Mad Libs

If you’re looking for an app that teaches your child about nouns, verbs and adverbs – this is it! It’s a simple-to-use, fill-in-the-blanks word game that your child will love. There are 21 entertaining stories to choose from and a useful hints and tips section if your child gets stuck.

5) iWrite Words

Using a dot-to-dot approach, this fun handwriting game teaches your child how to write simple words, alphabet letters and numbers up to 20. With bright colours and memorable artwork, your child will enjoy tracing their finger to spell out their favourite words.

Make learning fun and banish homework struggles for good by opting for one of these user-friendly, child-focussed apps. Your child can go at their own pace and learn without getting stressed.

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