Finding Your Inner Compass

Finding Your Inner Compass

Getting to Know You From the Inside Out

If you are here you are ready to rewrite your story. You are ready to delve in, find your confidence, and rewire yourself to be the best you – to honour you. I am grateful and honoured you have found your way to me and are ready to take charge of your life.

I love to inspire each client I work with, supporting you with aligning yourself with the passions and motivations you desire in all aspects of your life – to help you find yourself from the inside out so you can live fully with one hundred percent purpose and meaning.

Welcome to my Mindset Magic – Finding Your Inner Compass 9 Step Program where you will learn how to rediscover yourself, your confidence, and your zest for life.

  • Step 1: Introduction: Knowing your WHY and the importance of mindset
  • Step 2: Developing Awareness. Who are you?
  • Step 3: Accepting Responsibility
  • Step 4: Taking Action. Resetting your thoughts
  • Step 5: Strengthening Willpower
  • Step 6: Developing and maintaining Focus.
  • Step 7: Learning self-discipline. Maintaining a positive mindset
  • Step 8: Mastering Patience
  • Step 9: Mindset Magic. Visualisation as mindfulness for success

This is a self-directed program. Each step has an accompanying video, worksheet with questions for you to answer and a weekly FB Q and A in a private group.

The cost of the program $497

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