Children’s Workshops

Want Your Child To Have Writing Skills For Life?

Workshops To Spark Imagination & Inspire Young Writers Across Australia

Learning how to write from a young age sets the foundations for good writing skills for life.

It also teaches children they have a voice and what they have to say matters. 

Using their imagination sparks creativity and improves communication.

I run a series of engaging writing workshops for primary school children aged 4 to 8.

What happens at a Children’s Writing Workshop?

Ages 4 to 5

With this age group, reading is an essential part of their learning. They aren’t quite ready to put pen to paper, but their young minds are full of creative energy and they love thinking up imaginative stories.

In this interactive workshop, I teach children how to write through reading and fun activities. This helps them visualise the words on the page and understand how sentences are put together.

Through painting, drawing, rhymes, movement and song, the children learn how to create a story through their imagination.

Sharing their work with the group helps build confidence and gives them a sense of achievement.

Ages 6 to 8

In this practical workshop, the children learn the art of storytelling. They’ll unravel their imagination and get lost in their own stories.

We go through the key elements that make a good story: brainstorming ideas, planning, characters, setting, language and tone.

After discussing this as a group, using examples from well-loved books, the children write a piece of their own.

They then present it to the rest of the class and I’ll be there to offer positive and constructive feedback.

Together we work through any issues and questions. This is an opportunity for children to develop their communication and problem-solving skills.

Why Children’s Writing Workshops Are Important?

The process of writing:

  • Develops and enhances language skills – children learn how to communicate better.
  • Promotes a creative brain – they learn to think and process thoughts.
  • Teaches kids how to ask questions and listen to others.
  • Explains the importance of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Builds confidence - writing a story creates a sense of achievement.
  • Allows children to learn through play – this is essential for brain development.
  • Instils a growth mindset – self-belief and an I can do it
  • Creates the foundations needed to acquire writing skills.

What Parents Say About My Workshops


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