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Today, more than ever teachers need to continually upskill and stay abreast of curriculum changes and industry research.

Not only that, but they need strategies and frameworks in place to implement these changes, otherwise they’re left feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

As a literacy consultant, I attend schools all over Australia to present up-to-date research and teaching techniques to enhance literacy levels and Growth Mindset in the classroom.


What’s involved?

  • Short interactive presentations.
  • Practical examples and hands-on activities.
  • Updates on the latest literacy research.
  • Question and answer session.


Teachers will learn:

  • How to implement literacy strategies there and then.
  • New ideas and activities they can take to class.
  • Ways to motivate their students and develop motor skills.
  • How to incorporate movement into literacy learning.
  • Methods to increase student’s confidence using creativity.
  • A positive approach to improving literacy.
  • Why perfectionism can hinder our learning.


Subjects Covered

During these presentations, I cover a range of subjects relating to literacy, including:

  • Writing styles.
  • Creating the perfect sentence.
  • Getting punctuation right.
  • How to break down a piece of text.
  • Growth mindset – how students can adopt an I can do it attitude.
  • Transformational Growth Mindset.


I’m happy to cover any literacy subject required. I can tailor the presentation to the specific needs of your teachers.

Why are Literacy Presentations important? 

  • Allows teachers to get together and discuss literacy problems.
  • Encourages an optimistic mindset and attitude.
  • Offers additional support and resources for teachers.
  • Boosts teacher morale and confidence levels.
  • Inspires and motivates teachers.

Who’s it for?

  • Teachers of any level or expertise.
  • Heads of year.
  • Teaching assistants.

What Teachers Say About My Presentations

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"Jennifer's workshop on Growth Mindset was informative and very motivational. I feel more confident to create these lessons with my students now."

Melissah E.S.S
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