9 Strategies for School Readiness

Your child’s mindset about school, whether they are returning or a beginner is the most important. Talk with your child in a positive and cheerful way about starting school. Notice any responses they give you when you talk about school and monitor what your child says. Are they enthusiastic or anxious? Talking positively about school can put them in the right mindset for all kinds of learning, not just academic. Having the right mindset is not only important for your…

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Sensory Activities for Holiday Fun

School is out, which often means its headache time for parents.  Young children become bored very quickly and its often difficult for the caregiver to keep up with them whilst maintaining their everyday life balance of work and play. Below is a list of easy, but sometimes messy, play ideas that continue to work on the child’s sensory systems and growth mindset patterns whilst keeping them amused for hours. Children can come back to these activities time and time again.…

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Can you see it? 5 steps to noticing a Growth Mindset.

This week, we will look at identifying  growth and fixed mindsets in ourselves and others. Everywhere we look, we can find examples of others either quitting or working through their problems. Step 1: Reflecting on Definitions Go back to the definitions of growth and fixed mindset from Week 1. Did anyone notice a time he/she was using either mindset? Discuss how we can change from having a fixed to growth mindset with simple words and phrases that, we can begin…

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