Does your child know their brains need exercise just like their bodies for learning?

 Teach your child how their brains work. According to many researchers, children start to develop a growth mindset just from learning about how their brain works and grows. Once they understand that their brain physically grows connections as they practice and learn new skills and concepts, they get excited about the learning process and feel less worried about making mistakes. Once children learn that the connections between neurons strengthen the more we practice a skill, the more they understand how…

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Do you know how to teach a growth mindset?

For children with a fixed mindset, the classroom can be a scary place. They see school as the place where their abilities are evaluated, not as a place where their abilities are developed. Their goal in school tends to be to show that they are smart or at least to avoid looking dumb. For them, mistakes are a sign that they lack talent. For children with a growth mindset, the classroom is a more exciting and less judgmental place. They…

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Is your child stressed, overwhelmed about beginning school? Returning? Going to a new school?

It’s almost time for our children to return to school. Fortunately, as parents and educators, we can help them manage their anxiety leading into this transition by giving them tools to change their mindset. If your child presents with a fixed mindset, they are more likely to struggle with schooling, deeming themselves failures. They have the belief that they will never be smart enough to succeed. If your child presents with a growth mindset, they believe in themselves as learners,…

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