Hi, I’m Jen.

Author, Speaker & Mentor


In every book lies something magical waiting to happen…

Making words come to life on a page is when I’m happiest.

Even from a young age, I knew I‘d be a writer.

I cherished the stories my grandfather read to me as a child. Listening to him regale magical tales ignited a spark within me.

And the buzz of writing my first chapter book at age six is one I’ll never forget.

Becoming a published author has been a dream come true.


From Teaching to Writing

After 25 years as a primary school teacher, I decided to combine my love for writing with my teaching skills.

As an early childhood educator, I learnt that kids need to use their imagination and creativity to develop and thrive.

I was always searching for the perfect book to share with my class but unfortunately never found it.

So, I decided to write my own!

I wanted to create books that were not only fun and original, but also helped to develop literacy levels.

The biggest inspiration for my books is the children I teach – I turned their words into pages of a book.


Life as a Literacy Coach

For the last 7 years, I’ve been a literacy and Mindset coach and mentor for teachers across Queensland.

With my support and guidance, teachers are able to enhance the literacy levels of their students with ease and confidence.

I work with school principals to implement key literacy programmes within the Australian Curriculum. Together we promote the theory of transformational & growth mindset and the effects these have on learning.


I also write Romance

After years of writing for children, I turned my hand to romance.

It’s a genre I love and I’ve always been an avid romance reader.

Immersing myself in other people’s worlds is a way to escape and forget about the daily grind.

My novels are lunchtime reads: feel-good romance stories you can devour in an hour.


Things I Love

Living in Newcastle, NSW, means I have lots of amazing beaches to visit. Walking my dogs by the ocean is where I find solitude – my creative juices flow and ideas come to me.

I love hanging out with my grandkids and animals, going for coffee and getting lost in a book. I’m also on the board of the Hunter Writers Centre.

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