Now Christmas and New Year is over its time to look toward the new school year.

But its not just any year. It’s 2020. A new year and a new decade.

Our education systems across the globe are changing rapidly and as educators and parents we need to keep up with current trends so we can support our children. Future learning is not about learning another curriculum, we don’t need to reinvent it.

What we do need to do is allow children to learn in their own way in supportive environments. I don’t mean to let them run wild. We need to be aware of their learning styles, multiple intelligence’s, specifically how they learn to learn. Growth Mindset plays a vital role in this.

The child that comes to school with a Growth Mindset is more open to learning, more receptive and aware of what is going on around them. They are independent and emotionally able to cope. For the child who isn’t, we need to teach them how to change their mind.

On my page  I offer a few tips for you to think about. These are only a few suggestions – there are many more. They are not only relevant to the classroom but also to the home. Parents can be thinking about how they can support their child before school and in the early years.

Until next time – Imagine, inspire, create!


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