School is out, which often means its headache time for parents.  Young children become bored very quickly and its often difficult for the caregiver to keep up with them whilst maintaining their everyday life balance of work and play.

Below is a list of easy, but sometimes messy, play ideas that continue to work on the child’s sensory systems and growth mindset patterns whilst keeping them amused for hours. Children can come back to these activities time and time again.

  1. Balloons and paint go together right? Add in some paint and your on a winner. Place different coloured paint onto the top of ice cream lids. This is easy for little hands to push the balloon around in with little spillage. Have them match the balloon to the colour, then stamp patterns on paper. As an extention of this, when the paint dries they can turn the circle blobs into faces, or creatures. Let their imagination run wild.

2. If you haven’t made goop before, you need to. It is so much fun. There are so many different recipes out there just google it. It’s super easy using pantry ingredients. When made you can stretch it, squish it, hide solid material things in it, shape it! It stores easily so it can be used over and over again.

3. Sand foam – only two ingredients; sand, and shaving cream. They can collect the sand, they can squeeze the shaving cream out, they can mix them together. Just make sure you use a large tray. Once mixed, they can practice writing, make dinosaur mounds, hide small objects or draw a picture. To make it even more exciting add some colour and glitter!


4. For the gardener – play dough flower pots. Small ice cream cups are great for pots and you can jazz up the play dough with dry rosemary or other similar herbs to make it look like grass. Decorate with rocks or coloured stones, then pop in a flower, real or not!

5.  All kids enjoy playing outside and even more so in dirt so let them Dig for worms! All you need is a large tray filled with dirt and some cooked spaghetti.  Mix the spaghetti into the dirt and have your child try and pick the pieces up with tongs. As they do the spaghetti will wiggle and jiggle their way out of the tongs just like worms do.


There’s always blowing bubbles, colouring in, reading or munching on popcorn watching  a movie. Most of all, have fun and cherish your little ones.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year. I’ll see you in 2019!

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