In the next four posts I will be talking about Growth Mindset with you, chatting about how we need to change not only our way of thinking as adults but how to demonstrate this change to children. Developing the right mindset early on is crucial for life. When children learn that putting effort in and using good strategies can make learning easier for them, they try harder and achieve more.

But teaching children Growth Mindset is not so easy and as adults, whether we are the parent or the teacher, need to understand the basics of what a Growth Mindset is.

What is a Growth Mindset?

We all have beliefs about our own abilities and potential. This is evident in our first years of schooling. These beliefs are part of our mindset which is so powerful it can fuel our behaviour and predict our success. Mindset shapes our everyday lives, helping us interpret our experiences and future possibilities.

Dr. Carol Dweck, the founder of Growth Mindset from Stanford University, identified two different types of mindsets. Growth mindset occurs when we believe our intelligence and abilities can be improved upon with effort and the right strategies.

Characteristics associated with Growth Mindset include a willingness to confront challenges, viewing failure as a springboard for growth, and a passion for learning.

Those with a Fixed Mindset believe their intelligence and abilities cannot be altered in a meaningful way. As a result, mistakes are seen as failures rather than opportunities to grow and learn. When stuck in a Fixed Mindset, new experiences are feared so any task perceived as being a risk will be avoided.

Over the next four weeks, I will be showing you the key elements for establishing a Growth Mindset at home or in your classroom.

In Week 1 I will suggest different ways to introduce Growth Mindset to your child whether at home or in the classroom.
In Week 2 I will discuss Noticing It.
In Week 3 I will chat about how to Model It – The Power of Yet, to our children, and
In Week 4 I will show you how to Practice It.

Stay with me over the next four weeks. Learning and practicing Growth Mindset is lots of fun!

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