In the last two blogs I have talked about what a positive mindset is for learning and how to achieve it.  I have talked about the power of yet and how to celebrate effort, not success. The final part, and perhaps the most important, is to support children in their learning by helping them to understand that mistakes are good.

This is how we learn.

If everything is plain sailing all the time, we don’t have the opportunity to grow and experience new things.

Most kids are afraid to make mistakes as they don’t want to disappoint their parents or be seen as a failure amongst their peers.

Reassure your child that it’s ok to get stuff wrong. Each time they make a mistake, it’s their chance to get smarter and better.

Out of every negative comes a positive. Once children understand this, their growth mindset really starts to develop and their confidence soars.

A Positive Mindset = A Healthy Future

This simple shift in mindset can have a profound effect on how your child approaches tasks.

A growth mindset helps children to adapt, grow and change. It creates resilience and an ability to believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

To recap. Three factors contribute to children’s success in learning. 

Firstly, instead of saying I can’t, say … I can’t, yet.

Secondly, instead of saying You are so clever, say … I really like all the effort you put into learning that task.

Lastly, remind children that each time they make a mistake they are growing their minds, they are learning, they don’t get it yet, but will get it with effort. Mistakes are good!

These three factors lead to a growth mindset. This, in turn, leads to successful learning.

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