Boost Your Child’s Confidence in 3 Simple Steps. Here Is The First One.



Noticed your child avoiding certain tasks?

                        Accepting defeat quickly…

                               And, not bothering to try harder?


This is a common pattern in children (and adults) with a fixed mindset.

The mindset we develop as a child shapes our future. It affects every aspect of our lives, from our careers to our relationships.

How we think influences what we do and how we do it.

Research has shown that those who adopt a growth mindset excel in life and achieve their goals.

Research also suggests those with a fixed mindset hold themselves back and never reach their full potential. They don’t try hard because they believe you’re either good at something or you’re not and success is based on the talents and intelligence you’re born with, not the effort you put in.

This type of thinking prevents growth and progression.

 What is a Growth Mindset?

Those with a growth mindset believe anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. When faced with difficulties or challenges, they see it as an opportunity to learn and develop.

All the world’s leaders and successful business people have growth mindsets.

Want your child to develop a growth mindset?

 Here is the first simple step to boost your child’s confidence and get them thinking more positively:

Step 1 – Explain the power of Yet. 

 The word “can’t” is very debilitating. It stops us in our tracks and prevents us from moving forward.

When we say this one word, we’re telling our brains we can’t achieve something so it’s ok not to bother trying.

But if we add the word “yet” at the end of a sentence, it gives our statement a whole new meaning.

None of us know how to do anything when we first try. Everything we do has to be learnt.

Think back to when you learnt to ride a bike or drive a car. You didn’t just hop into the driver’s seat and zoom off. It took hours of painstaking lessons to learn how to manoeuvre forward and change gears. Let’s not even mention reverse parking!

Every skill we learn has to be mastered and we only do this by putting the effort in and giving it a go.

Teaching our children this valuable lesson will set them in good stead for life.

When your child says they can’t do something, correct them by saying “yet”.  Constantly attach “yet” at the end of can’t every time you hear it. Get them to repeat it back to you so it fuses into their brain.  Do this enough times and it will become automatic.

You’ll be surprised how this one word changes a negative thought process into a positive one. It gives hope and makes goals seem a whole lot more achievable.

A Positive Mindset = A Healthy Future

This simple shift in mindset can have a profound effect on how your child approaches tasks.

A growth mindset helps children to adapt, grow and change. It creates resilience and an ability to believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

I’ll be posting Step 2 next week!

Over to you –

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